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Hey everyone,

Welcome to my new blog. I will be posting most of my content here on this site, instead of on social media networks. I hope you enjoy all my rants and ravings and perhaps you may even get a small glimpse into what makes me tick. I am sure you will read some things that you may or may not agree with. If you do not agree with them, feel free to keep your opinions to yourself. Especially, if you are one of those who read people’s thoughts and vernacular simply to gather ammunition for a rebuttal against ideals of certain individuals. Also there is a lot of cussing on here. Like alot. :P



Autistic man loves his beer and goes on a trip

This is a inspirational clip of when you are really passionate about something. That passion can give you wings. #OnlyTheStrongSurvive. Made me think about my nephew who has autism. I hope he grows up with courage and faith to pursue whatever he is passionate about.

Took an IQ test

I thought I was lower than this. Go figure. One of these days, Ill take a real IQ test…



IQ Test

End of the 5 year anniversary festival

As I sit in the Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas (which is an ok hotel for the $29 I paid to stay the night, but I wouldn’t plan a vacation around it), I reflect on the past 10 days I had to spend with my wife Liz in Vegas and San Diego. Below is a quick synopsis of our trip.


Day 1-3 Vegas & The Trump International


So we started out by staying at the Trump International. This place was amazing. It was like staying in a really nice Nordstroms lol. In this particular hotel, there is a very appreciated absence of a casino. One of the bell boys joked “People who stay here like to sleep”. The hotel guests here were people that I enjoyed rubbing shoulders with. They were of all race and ages, but they were in a sense, cleanly and professional looking. They carry themselves with confidence and you could tell they go the extra mile to make everything in their life the best they can. Staying here in the Plaza right now as I write, show me there is still a distinctive class divide in America today, and the quality some of the less fortunate people are willing to accept for their vacation spot.

Mr Luckys

At the end of the second day, we visited the Hard Rock Hotel and had some great Prime Rib and Sirloin steak. Liz has the Gambler Special, only $10 and you get Steak and Shrimp and a veggies; its not on the menu, so make sure you ask for it.


Day 4-9 San Diego & Wyndham San Diego Bayside


After leaving the Trump, Liz and I realized that we started the vacation backwards, and had the best hotel first and then kept stepping down in quality. We finally realized that Liz and I are ★★★★★ kind of resort people. So needless to say, we loved the rest of the time in San Diego, but wish we had the amenities of the trump. It was nice for a ★★★ , but we didn’t know how big of a gap there is between stars. We arrived on Sat around 10pm and checked it. When we went into the pub, they stopped serving food and only had apps and beer, so that was a bust. We decided to get room service and get the steaks. The food was great but not worth $70+.


Coronado Beach

Over the next week we explored Coronado Island and found a beautiful beach there. It reminded me of Zuma back in the late 90′s; not very crowded and stunning. The beach actually was about 15° warmer than the water at Malibu, and the beach is loaded with a gold like mineral that makes the sand sparkle like champagne



For our actual anniversary day, we ate at TGIF friday’s in downtown SD where we had our first meal/date together. Of course we had to have steak beacuse…steak freakin rocks! #KillCows . Liz has been turning me on to lobster lately, and I have to say its very tasty.


Unfortunately, due to financial restrictions we weren’t able to tour the midway, but that’s ok, there is always next time….unless it sinks, then we are $#!+ out of luck :P. At least we got to walk around and take pics




This is the Bob Hope Memorial and it was really cool that they had his broadcasts playing in the background. I never knew that he performed so much for the vets to help them stay positive.


Liz and I at Coronado Beach.



On one of the last days of the trip, we stopped by the Mormon Battalion Exhibit in Old Town San Diego. Now if you haven’t gone, you should. Its an amazing exhibit and you can learn a great deal about the early settlers of San Diego and how the LDS people helped build some important buildings in San Diego. I went there once for scouts when I was 15 and it was a totally different exhibit back then. It was simply a movie presentation and not much else. After some research, I discovered that the church did an extensive renovation for the exhibit to its current form. Its a much better experience. It feels like Frontier Land at Disneyland. Its very interactive and it was AMAZING! One of the highlights of the vacation.

The pictures of the Mormon battalion members were the best part of the exhibit. I wont say what happened so I don’t kill the surprise, however, it was excellent.




While we were in San Diego, we were able to finally go to the movies. I know this doesn’t sound like much, but we never have time with our schedules to see movies while they are in the theater. They were awesome! We had a great time, it also made us grateful for the cheap ticket prices for movies in Utah.


This sunset ended our trip and it was excellent. All in our it was exactly what we needed for us to relax and reset our bearings in our professional and personal lives. We finally had our honeymoon…only 5 years late :D

Chapter 10 – Our Search for

This is the PDF version of the lesson I gave in the Lakeview 4th Ward on May 18th, 2014

Download Lesson

How is it my fault?

How is it my fault that I am suffering when God is the one who set up the rules? How can you blame the players and not the creator of the game? I think its wrong that you read in the scriptures about how the wicked will feel the wrath of God, and how their iniquities will be restored unto them, and NOT blame the person who is doing the restoring, who did create this fucked up game we live in. Its not life, its a game. God’s game where he feels like doing whatever the fuck he wants because He’s God. And so, if we are evil, or if we don’t do what He wants, then its not His fault, its ours!? No bitch, its both of ours. It’s his fault as much as its mine, and those who say you can’t blame God is dumber than dog shit because if it wasn’t for God’s immovable way, or “His way or the Hellway” type of attitude, then WE as humans wouldn’t be failing so fucking much. But in LDS culture, its opposite. I suffer because its my fucking fault that I am. I suffer because I chose to do bad, so I get the consequences I deserve. Yeah, REAL FUCKING MERCIFUL in my book </sarcasm>. This whole fucking life is built off skewed justice. Justice only means doing it God’s way and not your own. Maybe mercy is the “it could get worse” clause in a statement. Perhaps, Mercy keeps us from hitting the real shitty parts of the gutter. Or maybe its just optimistic piece of propaganda to give people hope in a world controlled by a former man who is the most stubborn of us all…


Man I am fucking pissed off…..

Behind the Scenes of Studio C

Best Flight Attendant Ever

hahah this chick is awesome. She does look familiar, however, aren’t they all blonde?



Uncle Bobby Kauo and his new Food Truck

A few days ago, a good family friend of mine started a food truck. Food trucks are definitively the trendy thing to do now-a-days and this time, Uncle Bobby is bring that Aloha Spirit to the Food truck industry. I am very happy for him and wish him and his family the best.



Check out the site below



Really Bitch!?

Now I say this really bitch not as a racist, or a sexist, but as one who is prejudice against stupidity outwardly expressed. Today, Twitter has been going fucking batshit crazy over #CancelColbert Trend that talks about people being offended by his satirical joke of Ching Chong Ding Dong. Below is the girl who started off the bullshit, and the profiles of The Colbert Report, Comedy Central , and Stephen Colbert.

Here’s a quick blog post on Washington Post that sums up nicely what happened. http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/style-blog/wp/2014/03/28/stephen-colbert-controversy-illustrates-extreme-difference-between-tv-and-twitter-audiences/


Kevin Bacon on Tonight Show


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